$90K in purchases on tap for this year, with $190K envisoned for 2020

    Crookston Park Board members took a look at the city’s Parks & Recreation five-year capital improvement plan Monday with a couple new members being introduced to the process. The 2019 P&R budget is already “decided,” members found out, and Parks & Rec Director Scott Riopelle hopes the board will think “down the road” for 2020 as preliminary budget discussions start in May.

    On the schedule for 2019, $90,000 in purchases and improvements are set to be made with picnic table/bench upkeep, park development matching fund allocations, resurfacing Highland Park’s tennis courts, arena improvements, electric zamboni battery reserves and the purchase of a new pickup.

    For 2020, $190,000 is preliminarily set aside for new picnic shelter(s), a mower, a groomer/utility vehicle, new playground equipment and money for trail development.

    When discussing the $30,000 set aside for playground equipment, Riopelle mentioned next year’s allocation could go to Alexander Park which is left to be updated. He added that there has also been talk about installing a park near the CSC addition.

    Park Board member Becky Kofoed asked about money allocated for a new pickup in 2019 and wondered why they couldn’t use it to update Alexander Park’s playground equipment early. Riopelle replied saying they need a new pickup and that it’s pretty tough to change the current year’s budget after it was already approved.

    The board was also brought up to speed on the pending RV park/campground, which was recommended for funding by the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks & Trails Commission in November and before becoming official needs to be allocated by the Minnesota legislature in 2019, and the Crookston Community Pool takeover.