Credit union will demolish fire-damaged El Jaripeo Mexican Restaurant to make way for new facility

    First Community Credit Union, which merged last year with Agassiz Federal Credit Union last year and erected a new sign at its North Broadway location in downtown Crookston, has purchased a parcel along the University Avenue corridor on Crookston’s north end and will construct a new facility.

    FCCU is currently located at 218 North Broadway, which for years was home to Agassiz Federal Credit Union prior to the merger and, before that, was home to Houske Funeral Home.

    FCCU has purchased the lot at 2315 North Acres Drive, which is currently home to El Jaripeo Authentic Mexican Restaurant, which sustained significant damage in a fire in 2018 and hasn’t reopened since. Before El Jaripeo, the building was home to El Metate Authentic Mexican Restaurant, and, many years before that, was a Pizza Hut.

    FCCU is planning to demolish the current building and construct a new credit union.

    “Our current building is in need of major updates,” Katie Dressler Nehl, FCCU’s communications manager, told the Times. “Rather than stick a ton of money into fixing (FCCU’s current location), we’ve purchased new land. We’re truly looking to grow our presence in the community of Crookston.”

    Dressler Nehl said a groundbreaking is envisioned for sometime this spring, and the anticipated timeline would have a new building open and operational sometime next year.

    FCCU purchased the parcel from Keith Danks, Jr. of Equity Management, Inc.

    “I think it’s just a phenomenal location for their business, just a great spot,” he told the Times. “That’s a real focal point along the entrance to Crookston. You have the beautiful university campus and a lot of great-looking buildings along the way.

    “My understanding is they building some really beautiful-looking places,” Danks, Jr. added.