Corporate foster care license fee also going up

    Polk County Commissioners approved fee increases for childcare and corporate foster care licensing at a recent board meeting. Changes were made to accommodate the Minnesota Department of Human Services taking over responsibility of conducting background checks after Polk County Social Services announced they will pay DHS directly through their process.

    PCSS will continue to charge a fee to conduct licensing inspections for homes seeking childcare licensing or licensing renewal.

    A new application licensing fee is $50 for a one-year license and the renewal licensing fee is $100 for a two-year license. Corporate foster care rates will increase to $500 for the first year and renewals will be $500 for two years.

    The licensing fee does not include those charged by the Fire Marshal as part of the licensing process, the policy reads. Applicants required to have a Fire Marshal inspection will be responsible for the additional fee payment required to the Fire Marshal as per the requirement by the Department of Public Safety.

    Prior to expiration of license, PCSS will mail out a renewal packet and inform the licensed holder of the required fee.