Family says bus driver should get more than a written reprimand

    A kindergartner who goes to Fisher School was dropped off by the bus at the wrong house this week and left in the cold for possibly 20-30 minutes in below-zero temps, her mom told the Times. Fisher School allegedly told the family that the bus driver will get a written reprimand, but the family thinks it should be more than that considering their daughter’s life was in danger.

    Sasha Ostby’s daughter, Khloee, who normally rides the bus with her brother, was on her way home to Crookston from Fisher School Tuesday when the bus driver passed her house and dropped her off at another house that normally does daycare. Ostby says that Khloee tried to tell the bus driver that wasn’t her house and the driver allegedly told her to get off the bus.

    The daycare that Khloee was dropped off at was closed and no one answered the door, so the kindergartner sat on the steps in below-zero temps until, after a sequence of phone calls from concerned individuals who noticed Khloee hadn’t returned home and a call to the school, the bus driver went back to retrieve her and take her home.

    Fisher School Superintendent Evan Hanson told the Times that he talked with Ostby Thursday and thought they came to an “amicable solution.” He says that the bus driver “looped around and brought her (Khloee) home,” but that the timeframe was less than 20-30 minutes.

    Ostby told the Times that the bus driver is elderly, is said to be retiring after this school year, and may have thought Khloee was another little girl that he drops off at that particular daycare, but that she was upset that he did not make sure she made it in the house.

    “I believe if you drop off a young child, you should either have to see someone or watch the child, for sure, get in the house,” said Ostby.