Total local amount is just under $24K

    The Polk County Board of Commissioners recently approved a resolution to abate the county’s share of 2018 property taxes on nine properties in the City of Crookston and 11 properties in the City of East Grand Forks for the next two years following a public hearing on the matter. The total amount approved for Crookston is $23,706.09 and $14,758.25 for East Grand Forks.

    Five properties on Eickhof Boulevard, including a few new homes and twin homes built in the last handful of years, one property on Crescent Avenue, the United States Postal Service office on South Broadway, and Meadows Apartments on Pirate Drive were among those who qualified for the Housing Incentive Programs in Crookston.

    The County Board has an agreement with Crookston and East Grand Forks regarding new construction tax abatements. An owner is eligible to abate their taxes for up to two years upon completion of their home.

    For more information, contact the Polk County Assessor’s Office at 281-4186.