Rachel McCoppin, Ph. D., professor of English at the University of Minnesota Crookston, recently published a book titled The Ecological Heroes of Amerindian Mythology. The book was published by Kendall Hunt this past January.

    As Professor McCoppin explained, “This book is an introduction to many of the most treasured Amerindian myths, as well as a literary analysis of these myths. Often the mythology of the indigenous people of the Americas follow similar plot structures as classic tales of the mythic heroic journey, such as those coming from Greece or Rome, but this book argues that the lessons the Amerindian hero learns are distinct from those learned by heroes in classic and perhaps more well-known renditions of myths.”

    The chapters of Professor McCoppin’s book are divided as follows chapter one, “Divine Ecological Heroes – Creation and Death,” chapter 2, “Ecological Culture Heroes – Teaching the Ways of Nature,” chapter three, “Ecological Trickster Heroes – Forces of Nature,” and the remaining chapters of the book mainly focus on the quest of mythic human heroes within Amerindian mythology.

    Professor McCoppin’s book in now being sold online by the publisher Kendall Hunt.