Shockman hops out of his pickup to finish the daunting task

    Valentine’s Day was extra sweet for one lucky neighbor after receiving some help shoveling snow. Miguel Shockman of Crookston is the newest “Good Neighbor” award recipient after helping a person in need in cold weather.

    Doris Davison, age 88, of Crookston was shoveling a two-foot stack of hard snow at the end of her driveway on February 14 when “a young man” (Shockman) jumped out of his pickup and said he would finish shoveling for her.

    Davison said it was “so totally unexpected” and she asked Shockman if she could give him something for helping and he reportedly told her, “No” and “Happy Valentines Day!”

    Shockman will receive a “Good Neighbor” certificate and a special gift from the Crookston Daily Times for being nominated.

    If you know someone who is worthy of the “Good Neighbor” award, call the Times at 281-2730 or email