$206K grant will result in roof replacement, repairs

    The request for proposal for the architectural administration of the roofing project at the old Cathedral in downtown Crookston is ready, and responses to the RFP are due by March 22, reports Kay Hegge of Prairie Skyline Foundation (PSF).

    The RFP can be found at prairieskyline.org.

    PSF in November learned it had been awarded a $206,608 Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage Grant from the Minnesota Historical Society. The money will go toward replacing the flat roofs of the sacristies and other roof repairs at the old Cathedral. The grant will allow for steeple inspection and reinforcement, plus replacing lost shingles, inspection of the attic for repairs to the main roof decking, and again replacing lost shingles, and flashings will be inspected and repaired. The flat roofs of the sacristies will be made as they were before with a double-roof system, the top one being slanted to the downspouts.

    Meanwhile, fundraising continues toward the PSF’s long-anticipated restoration of the iconic downtown building, with a goal of transforming it into a community center with an arts focus.

    In late January, the Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority (CHEDA) Board of Directors agreed to have CHEDA serve as the fiscal agent for the administration of the Minnesota Historical Society grant.