The Crookston High School Speech Team had a strong meet for individuals in East Grand Forks on Friday, February 15. The team placed 5th out of 11 teams, and had five finalists out over 200 participants. There were also multiple ribbons awarded to Crookston students.

    The Crookston results are:

    • Victoria Proulx-Storytelling-1st Place

    • Emily Gillette-Original Oratory-2nd Place

    • Linnea French-Humorous Interpretation-5th Place

    • Ben Brantner-Extemp Speaking-6th Place

    • Zara Baig-Humorous Interpretation-6th Place

    • Ed Luckow-Informative-Blue Ribbon

    • Linnea French-Storytelling-Blue Ribbon

    • Ben Brantner-Discussion-Red Ribbon

    • George French-Humorous Interpretation-Red Ribbon

    In addition, Isaac Wandrie participated in Original Oratory and Elizabeth Helgeson participated in Humorous Interpretation at the meet.

    The Speech team is coached by Phyllis Hagen (Head Coach), Colleen MacRae (Assistant Coach), Gaye Wick (Coach), and is managed by Muira MacRae.