Police were looking for two people who had warrants out for their arrest

    A man with an unknown address is charged with aiding an offender after police went to look for two people who had warrants out for their arrest. Cody Steven Shappell, 26, could face three years in prison, a $5,000 fine, or both for the felony charge.

    According to the court complaint, on January 31, Crookston police officers attempted to locate Dustin Edward Joshua Klooz to execute an arrest warrant. They were also trying to locate Jayme Lee Walden for an Adult Apprehension and Detention Order.

    Officers went to the 200 block of Gorgas Avenue in an attempt to locate Klooz or Walden, and were told they might be at a house on Maple Street. When the officers arrived at the house apartment on Maple Street, and, after noticing there were numerous children in the apartment, they spoke to Shappell who stated that Walden was not there. Shappell also said the apartment was not his and that the renter was not there.

    Shappell told the officers that neither Walden or Klooz were in the apartment and refused to give permission to the officers when they asked if they could enter and confirm that the pair was not inside.

    One of the officers advised Shappell that if he was lying about them not being in the apartment and they were that he would be charged with harboring. The officer reportedly warned Shappell about a dozen times that he would be charged with harboring if he was lying about Klooz and Walden. Shappell then advised the officer that if he got the owner of the building’s consent that he could enter the apartment.

    After officers spoke with the owner of the building, they went back upstairs to attempt to enter the apartment and Shappell still refused saying he “wanted proof” that the owner consented. An officer told Shappell that he did not have to provide proof and again asked if Klooz and Walden were inside and told Shappell this was his last chance. Shappell again advised the officer they were not inside.

    The officers then entered the apartment and gave orders to Shappell to sit on the couch in the living room while the house was searched. One officer noted in the complaint that Shappell refused to cooperate and stood in the way in the hallway into the majority of the apartment. Shappell allegedly told the officer that he was “comfortable where he was” before the officer grabbed Shappell’s arm to escort him into the living room, said the complaint.

    The officers located Walden in the back bedroom and placed her under arrest on the ADO. Further into the search, they located a locked door and asked whomever they heard moving on the other side of the door to come out. Chelsea Olson, who had an active warrant out for her arrest, and a juvenile male exited the locked room. Olson was placed under arrest. The juvenile male reportedly told officers that Klooz was hiding under some clothes in the room where they found Walden, so they went back to that room and located Klooz. Klooz was then arrested without further incident.

    Klooz, Walden, Shappell, and Olson were all transported to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center. While at the NWRCC, an officer observed Shappell walking by Klooz and apologized saying that the building owner told the officers they could enter the apartment.