Limited appointment slots are available on select days beginning Feb. 14 and continuing through April 19

    Do you desire a deeper look at your health and well being?

    We believe that healing and wholeness require more than a 15-minute office appointment with a doctor, a single appointment with your counselor, or a Sunday service.

    Our Health & Wellness Consultations takes an individualized approach, offering insights and tools to explore health through the lens of mind, body, and spirit.

    Consider a consultation if you...

    • Struggle to live with chronic illness in a healthy way, but can't see how that's possible

    • Want to look at a more holistic view of your health.
want to improve the quality of your life, but you're not sure how

    • Find yourself longing for more hope, beauty, and joy in life, but don't know where to begin.

What to expect

    The consultation consists of a two-hour individual health and wellness assessment:

    Half of the time will be with Debra G. Bell MD, an expert integrative medicine.
The other half will be with Daniel Wolpert MDiv an expert in the psychological and spiritual dimensions of health.

    It concludes with a joint session with both practitioners for summary and recommendations.

    (Your exact schedule will depend on your particular health concerns.)

    Participants will be expected to fill out a health history questionnaire prior to the appointment and supply copies of any pertinent medical records.

    The consultation occurs at the MICAH retreat house in rural Crookston.

    The cost is $150 with a sliding scale available

    What this consultation is:

    • A time to explore what health and healing might mean for you

    • A review of your diet and discussion of nutrition tailored to your health

    • A review and general discussion of dietary supplements you are taking or might consider

    • A general review of current or past treatment for a health condition

    • A review of your social situation and life’s journey

    • A review and discussion about your emotional health

    • A review and discussion of your faith journey

    • A discussion about exploring your spirituality - that is your relationship with the divine, sense of purpose in life and an experiencing of that which is greater than just ourself

    • A way to examine health and healing from “the bigger picture”

    What this consultation is not:

    • A physical exam or annual check-up

    • No lab test will be ordered

    • No medication will be prescribed

    • A psychotherapy appointment

Make an appointment

    Appointment slots are very limited. Our first set of open slots are:

    February 14

    February 15

    March 14

    March 15

    April 18

    April 19

    Future dates will be posted as available.

    To schedule your appointment contact Daniel Wolpert at (218) 280 3846 or