Once again, RiverView Recovery Center and the Glenmore Foundation are working together to help those struggling with addiction in our area.

    The Glenmore Foundation recently awarded the RiverView Foundation a grant for $10,000, designated to stretch and leverage the support of donors contributing to the RiverView Recovery Center.

    “Glenmore Foundation has a rich history of partnering with RiverView Recovery and RiverView Health in allocating resources for people and families of northwest Minnesota whose lives are challenged by addiction,’’ shared Stephen Larson, chair of the Glenmore Foundation. “With chemical health treatment providers in such great shortage in rural areas, our Board is extremely grateful for, and remains committed to supporting, the excellent services RiverView Recovery and RiverView Health provide to those facing chemical health challenges.”

    This is sixth year the Glenmore Foundation has supported this donor match program. “Thank you to the Glenmore Foundation for this generous donation and for its continued support of the mission and vision of RiverView Recovery Center,’’ stated Curtis Hamre, director of RiverView Recovery Center. “Together, we can effectively bring the message of hope in recovery to hundreds of families in our region who struggle with the disease of addiction.’’

    To discuss this donor match opportunity or any others through the RiverView Foundation, contact Foundation Director Kent Bruun at 281-9249 or email him at kbruun@riverviewhealth.org.