2019 Tahoe should be ready around June

    The Crookston Police Department in late spring or early summer will introduce a new, 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe into its fleet of squad vehicles, and it’s being purchased from Brost Chevrolet in Crookston, which submitted the low bid.

    Christian Motors submitted a bid of $37,367, Ranger Chevrolet of Hibbing submitted a bid of $36,094, and Brost bid $36,155.38. When city and county governments are making capital purchases such as vehicles, they’re required to go through the “state bid” process, and that often involves a dealer somewhere else in Minnesota submitted the lowest bid. In the past, if a local bidder is reasonably close to a lower bidder from a vendor outside of Crookston – like maybe within a few hundred or even a thousand dollars – City officials have made the decision to spend a little more to stay local. But with Brost coming in the lowest, that decision didn’t have to be made.

    “It’s nice to see a local business that’s cheaper than the state bid,” said Steve Erickson, Ward 2 Crookston City Council member.

    The new Tahoe will replace a 2015 Tahoe in the CPD fleet that has 97,000 miles on it. Crookston Police Chief Paul Biermaier said that’s about an average amount of miles for a vehicle to be considered for removal from the CPD’s rotation. Biermaier said that once the police equipment is stripped from the 2015 Tahoe, he thinks the City should be able to get $15,000 or so on a resale price.

    City Finance Director Angel Weasner says the purchase price only covers the vehicle itself and not the outfitting that’ll be necessary to make it a police cruiser, which she estimates will cost around $8,000.