He’s meeting expectations on three goals and exceeding expectations on two others, board’s mid-year evaluation finds

    Around seven months into the job, Jeremy Olson so far is meeting or exceeding the five goals he and the Crookston School Board established soon after he began his tenure as Crookston School District superintendent.

    Frank Fee, board chair, said Monday that Olson is meeting expectations on three of the goals, and exceeding expectations on two.

    Here’s a rundown of the goals and how the board thinks Olson is doing to date:

    • Timely communication to the school board: Exceeding expectations

    • Provide leadership and effective management of district finances: Meeting expectations

    • Continue efforts to retain and grow student enrollment through marketing: Meeting expectations

    • Focus on “Pirate Pride” and a positive view of the district: Exceeding expectations

    • Student achievement: Meeting expectations

    “Some of these are early in the game, but, still, I think we can get some sense” of how Olson is progressing on the handful of goals, Fee said. “We are certainly pleased with Dr. Olson’s performance through today.”

    Board member Dave Davidson acknowledged that only a few months after establishing the goals in consultation with Olson, it’s essentially impossible for him to be actually meeting them this quickly. “But in each of those cases, in our opinion, Dr. Olson has made strides and he is obviously moving us in the right direction,” Davidson said.

    As an example, Davidson mentioned the recently approved transfer of ownership of the Crookston Community Pool from the school district to the City of Crookston, which is in the midst of a transitioning process in advance of the official change of ownership on July 1, 2019.

    “We’ve been talking about doing that for years and you got it done in your first four months,” Davidson told Olson.

    Olson is also addressing the district’s pressing bus garage issue, in the wake of voters soundly rejecting a ballot question in 2017 seeking to construct a new one. Olson has subsequently formed a large Bus Garage Committee featuring various people in the know from a variety of interests and careers, and the committee sat down for the first time a few weeks ago.

    “It’s a great committee, and they’re pushing me to look at all the options and asking really pertinent questions,” Olson said.

    The committee will meet next on Jan. 23, he added.