Cheers to Minnesota and North Dakota for battling it out in Walleye Wars and Jeers to the partial government shutdown

Cheers to Minnesota and North Dakota for battling it out in Walleye Wars

    Thursday, January 3, 2019 marks the day where two anglers from two different lakes from two different states host a contest to see who can catch the most fish, the biggest walleye and overall big fish in what they call “Walleye Wars.”

    Two of the most popular ice fishing destinations in North America, Devils Lake (ND) and Lake of the Woods (MN), will go head-to-head on Facebook Live from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in a fish-off at two of the world’s biggest lakes. They’ll give updates hourly, offer highlights during their catches, host special guests and give viewers the tallies.

    Tourism professionals Joe Henry of Minnesota and Tanner Cheney of North Dakota decided the friendly competition will help highlight the quality of fishing on their lakes. Points are given for other fish, but the focus will be on walleye.

    If you’re lucky enough to have fished in both spots, you know anyone can win. There have been reports over the last handful of years of fishermen and fisherwomen catching prize-winning fish during any season, but winter must be where it’s at.

    Who will come out on top in this ice fishing contest for ultimate bragging rights? Watch and see.

    “A slow day of fishing is still better than a good day almost anywhere else.”

                                                                    – Jess Bengtson, assistant editor

Jeers to the partial government shutdown

    The current partial government shutdown isn’t the first we’ve seen this decade, but it is starting to look like it may grow to be the longest. The last shutdown lasted 16 days beginning on October 1, 2013. Our current shutdown started December 22 and is nearing the two-week mark.

    The shutdown may not affect you, but over 800,000 government employees are affected with just under half sent home on unpaid leave and just over half working without pay.

    There are many reasons for this government shutdown, but the main reason is President Donald Trump’s unmoving stance on the border wall between the United States and Mexico. Many government officials have spoken out against the shutdown, even in meetings with the president, but he refuses to back down from his perch on the border wall proposal. During the Wednesday meeting between President Trump and Democratic congressional leaders, President Trump made his case for the border wall and rejected the Democrats’ proposals for reopening the government while the argument over the border was being ironed out.

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tweeted Wednesday, “During today’s meeting between @realDonaldTrump, myself & other Democratic leaders, we asked the President to open up the government - giving him path Republicans have supported previously. Why would he not do it? #TrumpShutdown”.

    Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar tweeted, “We have come to the table time and time again with bipartisan solutions to end this reckless shutdown (including a 100% vote in the Senate) but the Administration won’t take yes for an answer. It’s time for the GOP to stand up to the President and work with us to end this.”

    Jeers to government shutdowns and to our democracy heading nowhere in particular.

                                                                    – Anna Huck, student writer