Weekly during the 2019 United Way of Crookston campaign, the Times is featuring a different United Way partner agency. Featured today is Lutheran Social Service.

Project summary

    Lutheran Social Service (LSS) received a $1,000 grant to provide low-income, high risk seniors in the Crookston area with high quality, nutritionally balanced meals.  The overall goal was to improve their health; thus allowing them to maintain their independence and enhancing their quality of life.

Goals and objectives that have been met

     With funding from the United Way of Crookston Area, we were able to serve 3,905 meals to 22 home delivered meal clients.  Over 74% of these seniors live on very limited/fixed incomes, 84% are considered to be a high risk and 12% at a moderate risk for developing serious life-threatening nutritional deficiencies.   Without the daily hot meal and safety check that our service provided, many of these frail seniors would not have been able to continue living in their own homes.

    We believe that we have met our goals and objectives.   Recently we asked Crookston area meal recipients to complete a satisfaction survey which revealed the following results:

    • 78% of seniors surveyed considered this meals to be their main meal of the day.

    • 86% of seniors surveyed said they felt that the meals helped to maintain or improve their health.

    • 99% of seniors surveyed said they felt that the meals helped them (or make it easier) to remain living independently in their own homes.

    • 98% of seniors surveyed said they would recommend LSS Senior Dining to a Friend.

    Throughout the year we also receive important feedback from the seniors and their loved ones.  A few of the things we have heard include:

    • “I can’t cook anymore. At my age, I can’t see very well or read directions for recipes.”

    • “We’re very busy, we are not able to make sure that Dad gets good nutrition, it is comforting to know that he is getting a good hot meal every day.”

    • “The meals are very good, this is a great service.”

    • “The meals help me to stay in my own home.”

    • “I feel like my health has improved and I feel stronger after receiving the meals.”

  We believe that the service we provide to the seniors who live in the Crookston area has helped to enrich and enhance their quality of life.  

Client story

    Jeanette (not her real name) is a 69 year old lady who lives in the Crookston area. Several months ago, she began experiencing dizzy spells which had caused her to fall several times.

    Her daughter was very concerned and insisted that she visit her doctor. Jeanette was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and also was suffering from depression.Her doctor felt that her low blood sugar was related to her not eating regular meals. He suggested that she start going receiving meals on wheels.  

    Within a few weeks of eating the nutritionally balanced meals, her energy and moods improved and she no longer was having the dizzy spells.

    Her daughter says that she is so glad that her Mom was willing to try the meals.  She told us “we are so grateful for this program, now I don’t worry about Mom getting a good healthy meal every day.  I want her to be able to stay in her own home, where she is happy”