Olson points out a quirky possibility in future CSC payments made from district to the city

    Although the transfer of ownership from the Crookston Community Pool from the Crookston School District to the City of Crookston won’t be official until July 2019, School District Superintendent Jeremy Olson said the transition process will commence long before next summer.

    “July 1 is the legal transfer, but we’re already working with the City,” he told the school board. “We’ll do some pairing and some transitioning of programming before July 1. We want to be good partners on that so it’s not so stark on July 1.”

    On the City’s end, Mayor Wayne Melbye has said previously that it would be wise to form a committee of stakeholders and pool proponents and anyone else interested in the long-term success of the facility well before July 1 to figure out how to maximize the pool’s potential and make it a place that serves the widest variety of people.

    In explaining the final details of the ownership transfer to board members, Olson noted there’s a potentially interesting quirk involving the deal’s ties to the district’s annual payment to the City in order to use Crookston Sports Center. As part of the pool transaction, the district’s annual payment to use the CSC will remain static at approximately $112,000. After that, the district’s CSC usage payment will be determined by the education funding increase the district receives from the state. For example, Olson noted, if recent trends continue, state education funding increases in the 2 percent range would result in the district’s annual payment to use the CSC increasing 2 percent as well.

    “Obviously, there’s a little bit of an inherent risk in that; if the state comes back with a 7 percent increase, it will increase our arena cost quite a bit,” Olson said. “But we’d also be smiling because of a 7 percent education increase.”

    Board members were pleased to finally see a pool agreement happen.

    “It’s an important step forward; it ensures the fact that the community will have that recreational facility available,” Dave Davidson said. “It’s more reasonable for the City to run it. It’s been a long time that we weren’t able to get this done, and I just want to say how much I appreciate the efforts of all the people who worked to make this agreement happen.”