Happy Holidays from Crookston Public Schools! As we move into this holiday season, I wanted to highlight and provide an update on a couple of items that we are currently working on in an effort to better serve our kids and families.    

    • Community Pool: At the last School Board Meeting, the School Board approved the transfer of the Community Pool to the City of Crookston as of July 1st, 2019.

    This was the final step on what has been a several month process of meetings, study, and discussion between the officials from the City of Crookston and the Crookston School District regarding what is best for the future of the Crookston Community Swimming Pool.     

    I want to stress that this was not an easy process and both the City Council and the School Board in conjunction with the staff of both organizations worked very hard to ask the tough questions, develop solutions, and find a way forward.

    As a next step, the city and district will be planning for transition of this important community facility in an effort to meet the goals and objectives of the City of Crookston.

   • School Readiness at Crookston Public Schools: We are currently studying the needs of our community as we determine next steps for our Preschool Programing over the course of the next few months.

    We want to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our kids and families as we strive to ensure that all students are ready for Kindergarten.

    Our teachers at Washington Elementary have developed some guidelines for parents, daycare providers, and others interested in preparing their students for Kindergarten.  This is intended to be a means of communicating what we are looking for students to be able to demonstrate as they enter Kindergarten.

    While we do not require these skills for entrance, we certainly want to ensure that these are the skills that families and daycare providers are striving for as we prepare our littlest learners for their next educational step.

    Together we can ensure that all of our kids get a great start as they begin their educational journey.
Crookston kindergarten readiness indicators

    We believe that families, early childhood teachers, and caregivers all contribute to a child's readiness for a positive kindergarten experience.  We understand the development of skills varies from child to child and it takes all of us working together to help children be successful in school.  

    For children to have the best start in kindergarten, it would be beneficial for children to meet the following indicators when entering kindergarten:  

    • Recognize and write the letters in their name.
    • Name a minimum of 13 letters of the alphabet...uppercase and lowercase.
    • Recognize numbers and count objects 0-10.
    • Be able to listen to a story and turn the pages of a book one at a time.
    • Show independence with self-help skills such as toileting, washing hands, dressing self, and tying shoes.
    • Be able to get along with others and use words to express their feelings.

    As always, if you have any questions about Crookston Public Schools, please feel free to contact me at 218-770-8717 (cell), 218-281-5313 ext. 2102 (office), jeremyolson@isd593.org (email), find me at a game or other community event, or stop into the District Office.