He’s accused of soliciting teen for sex on Facebook

    A Greenbush, Minnesota school janitor faces six years in prison after reportedly soliciting sex with a 15-year-old girl with plans to conduct the act on school grounds. According to a press release, Anthony Harry Brazier, 34, was terminated from his job at Greenbush Middle River School on Monday as a result of felony charges of solicitation of a child through communication to engage in sexual conduct and engaging in electronic communication relating to or describing sexual conduct with a child.

    Brazier allegedly used Facebook to contact what he believed to be a 15-year-old girl, but was an account created by the Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force as an undercover vise to investigate predators. An affidavit for his arrest reported that Brazier talked to the girl through Facebook for two days about various sexual acts and also sent the girl a photo of his genitalia.

    Brazier made plans to meet the girl Friday at Greenbush Middle River School after school hours to have sex, said court documents.

    While Brazier was walking towards the car he believed the girl was in, task force officers arrested him. He had with him a small amount of marijuana, a pipe, condoms, alcohol and pizza, the release said.

    Brazier reportedly admitted to police that he planned to have sex with the girl and that he used Facebook to talk to her.

    The Greenbush Middle River school district notified parents Monday and noted that an investigation by the police and school did not find any other victims.

    Brazier is set to appear in court on January 7.