Authorities had been surveilling residence behind old Paddy & Paul

    A major convergence of local and area law enforcement agencies on Crookston’s east end Tuesday night ended with the arrest of Joshua Carl Hendrickson, 40, formerly of Karlstad, who was released from prison last year after serving about 18 years for murder and had reportedly moved to the Crookston area. Hendrickson had a felony warrant for violations related to his release from prison – primarily involving not reporting to probation as required – and had recently been publicized by the Minnesota Department of Corrections as a fugitive.

    The series of events that led to Hendrickson’s arrest at approximately 9 p.m.Tuesday at 332 Lincoln Avenue – another man, Brady Ray Veselka, 33, was also taken into custody for probation violations – began to unfold Tuesday afternoon, Crookston Police Chief Paul Biermaier states in a release. The Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force had been investigating and conducting surveillance into Hendrickson’s whereabouts, and subsequently obtained information indicating that there was a high likelihood that Hendrickson and Veselka were inside the Lincoln Avenue residence. Around 3:30 p.m., the task force was able to corroborate that information.

    Multiple law enforcement agencies then began setting up their operation. In addition to the CPD and drug task force, the Grand Forks Regional Operations Group, Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Minnesota State Patrol, Crookston Area Ambulance Service and Crookston Fire Department converged on the scene.

    By approximately 7:30 p.m. traffic in the area had been rerouted and some residential evacuations were made in the vicinity, Biermaier reports. Contact was eventually made with Hendrickson and Veselka, and they subsequently exited the residence in peaceful fashion and were taken into custody.

    Hendrickson pleaded guilty to second degree murder and first degree assault in the fall of 1999 after a fatal stabbing in March of that year at a house party in Halma, Minnesota. An altercation ensued and Hendrickson stabbed Christopher Nelson, 22, of Karlstad, and wounded Benjamin Larson, 20, of Strandquist.

    Hendrickson was sentenced to 24 years in prison but was eligible for parol after serving two-thirds of that time. He was released in November of 2017.