You have to hand it to the Trump Administration, releasing a massive, comprehensive and extremely dire climate change assessment authored by 13 federal agencies - a report required by law to be completed every few years - on the day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, when the only real news anyone is paying attention to involves cheap flat-screen TVs at big-box retailers.

    The latest National Climate Assessment was supposed to be released next month, but, instead, it was quietly released last Friday, leaving countless scientists, lawmakers and other decision-makers who believe the obvious, that climate change is real and is upon us, to turn to things like Twitter in an effort to shine a light on the latest report that the Trump Administration would prefer to shove under the rug.

    Trump tweeted about record-breaking cold on the East Coast and wondered what happened to global warming, and surely many of his followers are asking the same question. Because, you know, it’s cold out.

    There are two things that could cripple this nation's finances in future generations, and we're not even talking about the nation's unfathomable federal debt. One is student loan debt. Generations of college graduates are entering the workforce, getting jobs that don't pay enough, and, meanwhile, they're already essentially strapped with a mortgage, courtesy of the thousands and thousands of dollars they borrowed in order to attend college. Trying to make those monthly loan payments means they can't buy a decent car, can't afford a place to live, and can't buy things that normally keep an economy chugging along. This will catch up to us.

    The second economic crippler is the costs of the increasing number of natural disasters and their increasing intensity. We have these things called "500-year weather events," but can we really remain faithful to that label when so-called 500-year weather events strike every few months? Hurricanes strike, wildfires strike, tornadoes strike, droughts strike, floods strike, blizzards strike, record-breaking heat strikes, record-breaking cold strikes, and the ensuing damage is paid for, over and over and over. Our government and the insurance industry simply can't keep up. When homes on Florida's coasts are leveled by another hurricane possessing unprecedented strength and the first words out of the victims' mouths involve rebuilding...well, at what point does rebuilding make absolutely no sense?

    Apparently, there's no will to do anything about this, at least from the top down. When the most powerful person on the planet tries to trigger his detractors by making jokes about cold weather, clearly this is something that has to be driven from the bottom up, by the people.

    In the election a few weeks ago, many voters made it clear that healthcare was their chief concern, their top priority, as they selected candidates on their ballot.

    Well, climate change is a healthcare issue. Your kids, your grandkids and your great-grandkids are going to live in a world drastically altered with increasing intensity by a changed climate, and it will put their very health at increasing risk with each passing day that nothing of substance is done about this biggest problem facing our nation and world.