Board members highlight accomplishments and talk about possibilities for the future

    The Crookston Park Board recently went over their 2018-19 Parks & Facilities Analysis and Planning and felt that they accomplished many items on their list. Parks & Recreation Director Scott Riopelle went over the department’s amenities list, park upgrades, and Crookston Sports Center upgrades, and said they’ve “done a lot” and should continue to strive to better the city’s amenities.

    One item on Parks & Rec’s “wish list” has upgrades to Karn Field like stadium seating, outfield fencing, concessions and restrooms. Park & Rec Supervisor Scott Butt told the Park Board that Karn’s bleachers are “extremely hard” to get up and down, and that’s something they could consider when looking at making improvements.

    “The baseball association said they have some ideas and they’re happy to help us to upgrade that,” Butt explained, referring to the bleachers. “I think if you’re going to do something there, that should be a number one priority.”

    “I’ve seen a few people fall,” added Park Board member Chris Fee.

    When asked by Park Board member Garrett Borowicz how much a new set would cost, Butt said for about $40,000 you could turn it into a “nice situation.”

    Items on the Parks & Rec list that have been completed or are currently being worked on include:

    • Developing a nature trail at Aunt Polly’s Slough
    • Kreutzberg nature trail
    • 6th Street Landslide Area flag pole installed and electricity to the shelter added
    • Park/playground upgrades at the Old Museum, Crescent Avenue, Hoven Lane, Johnson Park, Stearns Park, and North Broadway
    • Cement slabs under benches and bleachers at Highland Park Complex; Diamond 6 to Little League Park
    • Water fountain, covered seating, tables, benches added to Splash Park
    • Swimming pool acquired
    • Adding benches along walking/bike paths and playgrounds (ongoing)
    • Bike racks and water fountain at Mayor’s Courtyard
    • Canoe/Kayak launches
    • Water installed at Castle Park
    • Hoven Lane lots sold
    • Outdoor ice trail at Central Park
    • Power upgrade at the old Wayne Hotel parking lot
    • ADA access to all playground structures (ongoing)
    • Trees added to Wildwood Park (50), Fairfax Trail, CSC, Evergreen Park, Hwy 75 South
    • Electric Ice Resurfacers (2) at CSC
    • Wall coverings at CSC (ongoing)
    • Sports floor at CSC
    • Dehumidification to Event Rink at CSC
    • Restroom floors painted at CSC
    • CSC east entrance concrete replaced
    • Rubber flooring to Gold/Blue Rink viewing area

    Future (and “wish list”) items include:

    • Walking/bike/running paths in Sampson Addition and the city in general
    • Disc golf near Aunt Polly’s Slough
    • Define trail and nature blinds
    • Fishing piers
    • Path through Central Park
    • Upgrades to the Riverside Garden area for people with disabilities
    • Diamond 1 light upgrade
    • Highland Park tennis courts resurfaced
    • Walking perimeter/bike path at Highland Park complex
    • Convert horseshoe area to basketball courts at Highland Park
    • Provide options for bike and helmet rentals
    • Electricity to the Castle Park shelter
    • Add shelter to Central Park for picnic area
    • Campground upgrades
    • Safe rooms as restrooms at Highland, Wildwood, and Castle Parks
    • Mountain bike trail at Kreutzberg and lagoon areas
    • Incorporate solar energy at the CSC
    • Locker room addition at the CSC
    • Turf for a second rink at the CSC
    • Gym space built at the CSC
    • Sports bubble