Bridgeford: Hope is that potentially doubled rebates will boost participation.

    The Downtown Crookston Development Partnership is charging ahead with their lighting upgrade rebate program and looking to add space heating and water heating to the next phase of their energy efficiency incentives. DCDP member John Bridgeford told the Times that their group is looking to double rebates currently offered by Great Plains Natural Gas Company and Ottertail Power Company to get people “seriously” think about and making changes soon.

    For interested downtown businesses, changing out an old furnace to a 96 percent or greater gas unit would qualify for an $800 rebate, $400 of that coming from Great Plains and $400 from DCDP. Additionally, businesses changing out an old water heater for a high-efficiency unit would qualify for up to an $800 rebate depending if the heater is gas or electric.

    “We’re going to run this on a first-come, first-serve basis and limit it to $5,000,” Bridgeford explained. “If it goes well, as we’re hoping, we might ask for further funding and think about implementing it city wide.”

    Great Plains’ commercial heating program also offers additional rebates for new natural gas space heating furnaces including infrared low-intensity tube type heaters, thermal efficiency condensing unit heaters, and hot water boilers with 85 percent efficiency or higher, plus rebates for new natural gas water heaters with an 88 percent condensing efficiency.

    Otter Tail’s program offers rebates for available electric water-heating installations (80 gallon or larger) with proof of a minimum 90 percent efficiency on grid-enabled, standard and light-duty, and heavy-duty commercial electric water heaters when you include them in their off-peak program.

    “People can contact Great Plains at 1-877-267-4764 or Ottertail Power at 1-800-257-4044 directly to discuss their rebates or me at (218) 280-5369 to confirm funding availability of our rebate,” added Bridgeford.