Jazemend Annahe Mare Schehr, Sam Widseth, Navaeh Hampton and Makayla Tahran share thoughts on their school.

Jazemend Annahe Mare Schehr

    Highland is a great place to learn because I have evolved since 2nd grade. I have learned and memorized all of the multiplication facts. Well I’m still working on my twelves though. Now I have better handwriting too.

    I think 4th grade was probably my favorite year because I loved going to Minneapolis and seeing all of those buildings. It was so cool. I also liked going to Saint Paul, the Como Zoo and the Science Museum. It was awesome! I really liked the legos at the museum because a lot, of them were taller than me.

    I really like orchestra because we get to play instruments. I play the viola I am also going to join band and play the flute.

    That is why Highland is a great place to learn.

Sam Widseth

    I think Highland is a great place to learn because of looping. Looping is staying with and being in the same class that you had last year, same students in your class, same teacher but your in a different grade.

    Personally, I have looped two times. I looped with my class from second grade to third grade and then in fourth I got a new class and a new teacher and then I went to them to fifth (which I am in now.) It makes it so your teacher knows everyone in the class and so do you.

    Also, it makes it so your teacher knows how smart you are and what your goals should be.

    That's only one reason I think that Highland is a great place to learn.

    Breakfast in the class is really good as well because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not all kids can eat breakfast at home, but when they get to school they have breakfast ready so you can grab it and eat.

    Another thing I like at school are the teachers. They help us with a lot they encourage us, help us when we have trouble with things. Probably my favorite thing about the school is my friends.

    All of my friends are really kind and encouraging. If I do something wrong they help me and get me to keep trying.

    That's why I think Highland is a great place to learn.

Navaeh Hampton

    I am a 5th grader at Highland School in Crookston. There are many activities at Highland School. We have gym every day, field trips, and fun classmates.

    One thing about Highland is their field trips. I like the field trips because I learn new things about what we are seeing. I spend time with my classmates on the field trips and find out what they know.

    One thing about gym is that we get to exercise. The exercises that we do include push-ups and sit-ups. Exercising is good for us.

    The kids in the school are nice. They’re nice because they can show you where to go in the school building. If you are the last one in the school they can help you out.

    Highland School gives us a great education. It gives lots of things to the students. My favorite things are the fun field trips, gym class, and helpful classmates.

Makayla Tahran

    Highland is a great school. I enjoy it because we have breakfast in the classroom, we can participate in band, choir, or orchestra, and we also get to go on lots of fun field trips.

    Highland is great because we get to have breakfast in the classroom. It is fun because then we can quietly talk to friends. We still get breakfast even if we did not have enough time to eat at home.

    Highland 5th graders also have a choice of being in band, choir, or orchestra. I like to be able to have a choice of doing all three or anyone of them. I am in band and choir because I thought they would be really interesting.

    Highland students get to go on a lot of field trips. I love to go on field trips because a lot of them are so fun. My favorite field trip would be spending the night at the Science Museum in St. Paul.

    Highland has a lot of options. Again, my favorites are having breakfast in the classroom, lots of field trips, and being able to participate in band, choir, and orchestra.