PR firm says they inadvertently switched author, apologizes for mistake.

     The Times on Monday, Nov. 12 published a letter to the editor in print and online, “Tariffs provide a unique window of opportunity for innovation” sent by a public relations firm that attributed the letter District 1B State Rep. Deb Kiel. 

    After publishing the letter, the Times received several responses from people saying it was plagiarized, and they listed other publications the letter had appeared, attributed to Ron Obermoller, chair of the AURI Board of Directors.

    The Times reached out to Kiel, who acknowledged the mistake, as did Patrick Thornton, head of public relations at the Minneapolis firm Russell Herder, which sent the letter to the Times listing Kiel as the author.

    “Rep. Kiel is also (an AURI Board member) and during editing her name was added to the bottom of the letter in error. The letter was sent to me and then I sent it to you,” Thornton stated in an email to the Times. “There were too many people involved on our end and I apologize for the mixup. We should have double checked the document one last time before sending it to you.”