You've probably heard their music before, and not known it's them.

    The California Guitar Trio is celebrating 25 years of making music together. Comprised of Bert Lams, Hideyo Moriya, and Paul Richards, the musicians have established a unique, personal connection with audiences.  In addition to dazzling musicianship and interplay, CGT’s shows are full of captivating stories and humor that enable concert-goers to feel as if they’re part of the music, not just spectators.

    This exciting guitar trio will be coming to Crookston on Saturday, Nov. 17 to play one of their unique concerts in the Crookston High School auditorium. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m.  

    The California Guitar Trio has made a major global impact in their 25 years, having served as the soundtrack of Olympics coverage and programs on CNN, CBS, NBC, and ESPN. They have fans in high places, too: NASA used their music to wake the crew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

    The California Guitar Trio’s lineup is truly the sum of its distinct parts: A Utah native now residing in Los Angeles, Paul Richards immersed himself in rock, blues, jazz, and folk during his early days and while attending the University of Utah’s jazz guitar program. Bert Lams, originally from Belgium, graduated from the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, specializing in classical guitar. Tokyo-born Hideyo Moriya began his guitar journey with surf music and British rock, before relocating to Boston to study at Berklee.

    The California Guitar Trio remains intensely committed to explore, evolve, and communicate a wide-ranging musical world view.

    This is a concert for everyone, old and young, especially if one plays guitar.

    For further information, contact Elaine Metzger at 281-2681 or Alvern Wentzel at 281-7873.  Admission is by season ticket only. You can purchase a season ticket at the door.

    Anyone needing a ride to the performance should call THE BUS at 281-0700.