Jonathan Thompson, Abby Gomez, Reggie Winjum, Gunnar Groven, Bailee Klinnert, Ryker Arnold and Taylor Wieland share thoughts on their school.

Jonathan Thompson

   Our school Highland Elementary School is safe and fun, because there are great people and teachers and kids.  We have good cooks.  We go outside for recess for 10 minutes and in gym we have free days on Friday and run the mile and the 50 meter dash.  

    For computer we do internet safety.  In music we sing songs.  We play instruments in band and orchestra upstairs, and in music we have choir on Mondays.  In the morning we have breakfast in the classroom.  We have good food and fun field trips, like last year we went to the Cities for two days.  

    Highland has BINGO to provide money for field trips.  For science we go to Mrs. Garmen and do fun experiments.  Highland School is a good school to go to.

Abby Gomez

    Highland School—A Great Place to Learn—is a place where everybody is different, but we must all be together to help each other learn.  No fighting about differences.  Like fish we swim together in a school.  We are united into one big group.  

    This school is awesome and cool, and some really cool things happen at Highland.

     Kids get to play instruments in band and orchestra, and in phy ed we do the one mile run.  

    My favorite after-school program is the Indian Learning with Mr. Emanuel.  I love going to specials every day with Mrs. Wavra and Ms. Dalzell and getting exercise in phy ed.  

    Highland also has a great, big library and a Nature Cener, which my other schools never had.  Other schools had 4 Square, and I’m glad to see it here too!  And that is what I think about Highland School.

Reggie Winjum

    Highland is a great place because of all the great staff we have and all the fun things we get to do because of them. Other things that make Highland fun is the technology we have at Highland, including Dash and Dot, Lego Wedo kits, Ipads, Chromebooks and many more.

    Our specials look like this first we have gym then music or computers. Some kids have band or orchestra too.

    We get a free book every month that we like from scholastic. Our field trips are so fun, we got to go to St.paul last year and sleep in the Science Museum. So far with Mrs.Uttermark every MCA we got to have a waffle bar or a pancake bar, it was the best.

    Our STEM projects are amazing and we do them quite often and everyone enjoys them. Those are some reasons why I think Highland School is a great place to be.

Gunnar Groven

    Highland is a great place because the staff is kind and friendly. My teacher, Mrs.Uttermark is really nice too.

    Another thing that makes Highland a great place is friday free time because there are so many things to do. For example the Dash and Dot coding robots, Lego We Do Kits,  Legos, play games on the chromebooks, draw on the smart tv ,Play-doh, the Scrambled states game, you can draw or just hang out.

    Here is another thing that not all schools get and that is to use technology as a tool. Like we get to use the iPads, Chromebooks and things like Seesaw, Mystery hangouts and much more. This year we have done about 3 science/STEM experiments/ projects.

    We’ve done the bubble experiment, the candy corn/toothpick tower and we’ve designed and built a playground building. Each month we have gotten a free book from Scholastic Book Clubs thanks to the generous sponsors. This year we have had a challenge called the 36 book challenge I am about ½ of the way through. Thank you for reading my “what makes Highland a great place”.

Bailee Klinnert

    Highland is a great place because the staff are super nice and we have an amazing teacher, Mrs. Uttermark. We can use Ipads, chromebooks, Dash and Dot, and Lego We Do Kits. Thanks to Mrs. Uttermark, every month we get a free scholastic book.

    Sometimes she even makes a pancakes or even waffles. We can sit around the room or play a game called Scrambled States of America. You name the capital and other students try to say the state. We are doing a 36- book challenge and I’m almost halfway through.

    We have library every Thursday, and we can write math problems on our desk with Expo dry erase markers.

    Our lunches are delicious and recess is the best. We already went on our first field trip, canoeing! That’s why Highland is special.

Ryker Arnold

    What makes Highland a great place is the use of technology like the Ipads and chromebooks. The Ipads and chromebooks let us do a lot of different learning.  A couple we use in Mrs. Uttermark’s classroom include IXL, Seesaw, Epic!, Google, Prodigy, Sumdog,  And more. That is why I like the Ipads and chromebooks.

    But wait I forgot mystery hangouts. Mystery hangouts Is a game that you play with another classroom around the United States. You have 20 yes or no questions to figure out what state the other class is in.

    The teachers also make Highland great because they make sure all of the students are safe and learning. They help to make sure that all students are successful. These are the reasons that Highland is a great place to learn and grow for students in grades 2 through 6.

Taylor Wieland

    Highland is a great place because we learn and have awesome teachers and kind people.

    Something that makes Highland a great place is the Ipads/Chromebooks because we do a lot of work on them. If we did not have Highland school, we would not have the wonderful teachers, staff and the safety would not be here. The flexible seating is wonderful. We all do our work and its quieter.

    Seesaw is a digital learning portfolio for our parents and family members. We can write, take photos and we can do all of our work on it.       

    Here’s another 5 things that make Highland a great place: 1. Science experiments, 2. Dash and Dot coding robots 3. sticker charts 4. All of the music and 5. The 36 book challenge. All of these things and more are what makes Highland a great school.