Polk County DAC hosted a meeting of 14 individual directors from around the state.  Kevin Goodno and Anni Simons from St. Paul were up for a regional visit.  Kevin and Anni are lobbying for MOHR (Minnesota Organization of Habilitation and Rehabilitation) on behalf of all 110-member agencies around the state.  

    Discussions took place around the election, the priorities that MOHR members are establishing to lobby with the new legislators in the upcoming year, and some of the current actions that has passed last session.  Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H) programs continue to see reductions each year.  The support was there for an inflationary adjustment (already written), but due to confusion of when the adjustment would occur and language surrounding it, that increase was vetoed at the end of session.

    There was further discussions around staff shortages, which is prevalent around the entire state.  In recent years, there have been numerous licensing and legislative changes that affect person with disabilities.  Most agencies are challenged to keep up with the fast pace changes.  Billing is just one component of these changes.
Directors from around the state along with the DAC lobbyist are committed to meet the needs of the people they serve.  They continue to lobby with legislators and invite them into programs so they can witness firsthand the daily challenges that face these programs.  

    Jo Bittner, executive director of Polk County DAC and region representative of MOHR, says that all programs around the state are focused and steadfast to providing person centered programing and seeking positive outcomes for each individual they serve.