Funding comes from Minnesota Historical Society via the Legacy Grant initiative

    The Prairie Skyline Foundation is pleased to announce the receipt of a letter from the Minnesota Historical Society notifying them that they have awarded their foundation a Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage Grant in the amount of $206,608.

    “I opened the letter on Monday telling myself to be prepared to be turned down again and found out that our grant application was approved for funding!” said Kay Hegge, board chair. “This grant will to go towards replacing the flat roofs of the sacristies and other roof repairs for the old Cathedral in Crookston.

    “Sincere and grateful thanks to all who helped us get here,” she added. “We thank the City for donating sewer, water, and building permits as a match, plus the adoption of the Downtown Development Plan that includes the old Cathedral. We thank  CHEDA for future assistance with handling the grant funds, and we give thanks to all our prayer warriors who won the award for us.”

    “When completed, the “Community Center with Art and Heart” will help the community in so many ways,” Hegge continued. “In the news lately is another way the Center can help Crookston grow:  attracting a workforce to Crookston.  People choose to live and work in a community with lots of great amenities!”

    “Our match is to carefully remove the hardwood floor in the nave, some of the sub floor will be removed to clean the crawl space. There will be opportunities for people to help with the floor project. We are looking for one more volunteer board member as well, hopefully someone from the construction trades. We will expect to be letting bids for the work by the first week in January with work to begin in March.”

    Hegge says this makes their fundraising plans even more hopeful and exciting.  

    The Foundation will be actively seeking donations to help with the cash match in contingency funds, removing the concrete altar, and future construction needs such as the steps, windows, and masonry.

    “We spent a lot of time and money and labor removing over 72 tons of 'foul matter' (pigeon pooh and debris), so the project could be ready to go forward with construction,” said Hegge.

    The grant will allow for steeple inspection and reinforcement, plus replacing lost shingles, inspection of the attic for repairs to the main roof decking, and again replacing lost shingles, and flashings will be inspected and repaired. The flat roofs of the sacristies will be made exactly as they were before with a double roof system, the top one being slanted to the downspouts.

    The Prairie Skyline Foundation invites the public to their next meeting of the board on Saturday, November 10th at the Library in Crookston at 10:15 am.