All of Crookston's wards accounted for, here are the updated results

Mayor of Crookston: Guy Martin (580)...over Dean Adams (569), Clayton Briggs (552), Dale Stainbrook (437) and Dana Johnson (353), with seven (7) write-ins

At-Large Crookston City Council: Tom Vedbraaten (704)...over Trent Brekken (611), Dylane Klatt (511), Joe Kresl (336) and Kelly Shea (251), with six (6) write-ins

City Council Ward 2: Steve Erickson (475)...over seven (7) write-ins

City Council Ward 4: Don Cavalier (215)...over Sharon Lewis (121) and five (5) write-ins

City Council Ward 6: Cindy Gjerswold (384)...over one (1) write-in

Crookston School Board: Tim Dufault (2,036), Adrianne Winger (1,588), and Patty Dillabough (1,570)...over Katya Zepeda (973), Jim McBride (946) and Marcia Meine (791), and 33 write-ins