With camera, notebook and pen in hand, Crookston Daily Times Student Writer Anna Huck, a junior at Crookston High School, walked the halls of CHS last week and asked four students and two teachers what they hope will happen on Election Day Nov. 6, and explain why they want what they want.

Teacher Nichelle “Shelly” Thomforde
    “I’m hoping that our government through these elections will find some way to start to work well with each other because I think that that's something that's been really lacking within our Congress and within our presidency as well, so no matter who wins what position, I'm just hoping that they can find a better way to work together.”

Teacher Robbe Nessler
    “The first thing I think is important is I want people to show up and vote and it's looking like that's happening so far with early voting. Voter turnout is important no matter how you feel, and then the other thing I’d like to see happen is once we do get things figured out and get people into office, I hope that they can actually get something done for our country. No matter which party you're affiliated with, we elect these people to help us make progress as a society, so hopefully, that's something we can get done, too.”

Heather Visness
    “I don't like to follow politics. I know that makes me sound ignorant but there's so much unnecessary drama. I really hate when they target each other. I just hope the people elected are honest and deserve to win.”

Scott Cordova
    “I would want the Republicans to win so that Trump can get legislation through. I don't favor either party. I would like to see Tim Walz, even though not a Republican, win governor, but I want Republicans to win Senate and House, just not governor. I would also like to see single-payer health care come into play.”

Benjamin Brantner
    “First of all, I’d like to see Tim Walz be elected governor of Minnesota. He was a teacher, he can promote bipartisanship a little more. I’d like to see less longtime incumbents winning because I don't really want to see people that are in office for long periods of time going unopposed. And I’d also like to see a victory for a diversity of thought”

Emily Gillette
    “If I'm going to be bluntly honest, I want to see the Democratic Party sweeping everything. I know that not everyone is perfect, and political parties aren't perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction to halt some of the things that President Trump would attempt to pass, so then we can hold on for two more years until the next presidential election. I hope Tim Walz becomes the governor of Minnesota and I hope red states swing blue, like in Texas. I hope Beto O’Rourke beats Ted Cruz.”