The election is Nov. 6.

First, could you provide a bit of background information, i.e. your age, family, career and educational background, etc.?
    My name is Marcia Meine, I am 60 years young. I was born and raised in Angus, MN and graduated from Warren High School in 1976.
    My Husband, David is a life long resident and graduate of Crookston. David and I have been married for 35 years. We have 2 children, Crystal Meine of Crookston, she is a LPN with REM. She has two daughters who go to Crookston High School and Crookston Highland Middle School. Our son Brandon and his fiancé Nicole have four daughters and live in Euclid, MN. Two of their children attend Crookston Public Schools. My husband David works at a form in the Crookston/Fisher area.
    My work experience includes 13 years with Polk County Group Homes and the ODC in Crookston.
    Went to college at UMC and graduated in 1994 with an Associates Degree in Administrative Assisting. I worked at the Cathedral School for 10 years.
    My life has always been or included children. We as parents and society need to be there for our children. The little things we do can make the biggest impact on our children. Being there for them… having a place where kids and be kids. My husband and I have always felt that the lord put us here on earth to be there for our children along with others in general. Currently I am a foster grandparent at Highland Elementary and Crookston High School.

Please list the three main reasons behind your decision to run for a seat on the school board.
    I feel we as a community need to get our priorities straight. Our children are our future… we need to invest in each and every one of our children. Everyone is always is always so busy, we need to slow down and see what we have right here in Crookston. I feel it is time for a change… I feel there should be a limit on how many terms you can run for. We need fresh ideas and fresh minds.
    We need to ‘Bridge the Gap’. We have a diverse group of students and we need to give each and every one the same opportunity we would want our own child to have.
    Communication and respect… I feel very strongly that every child has good in them. We just have to tap into the littlest thing we see and positive things will happen.

What do you think are Crookston Public Schools’ three main assets?
    1) Our teachers, staff
    2) Resource officer
    3) Students… we have such a wide range of what our students can excel in. But they need to be given equal opportunity to do so.

On the flip side, what do you see as being Crookston Public Schools’ three biggest challenges or shortcomings?
    1) Bus Garage- desperately needed to provide transportation for our students.
    2) Communication- Between students/ teachers, parents and community. Each student should be treated and talked to with respect.
    We as Parents, Teachers, Principals, and any one who works with the students need or have and obligation to see, listen, and talk to each and every student. Get to know them.
    3) I feel the first impression of a school is when you approach the building from outside and when you walk in the front doors. We need to make our schools more appealing to Parents and Students. A place where they feel the belong!

All three incumbents up for election this year, Tim Dufault, Patty Dillabough and Patty Dillabough, are seeking another term. How do you think they’re doing? Are you running more because of reasons specific to you and wanting to get involved, or do you see a real need for change on the school board?
    I hear the same concerns I have, they want change, but if we want and need to change… we need to communicate! I have specific reasons I am running, I want to get involved and yes I feel we need a change on the school board. I don’t know if the change should be the incumbents or other persons on the board.
    I feel there should be a limit on how many terms you can serve on the board.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how big of a problem do you think bullying is in Crookston’s public schools? Please explain.
    I feel it is a 5… yes there is bullying and there is tattling… it needs to be addressed. But if children see and here this at home or in the community, it will continue. We need to Break the chain “that bullying or badmouthing is ok.”
    Maybe if we have more assemblies for the students and parents, so concerns can be voiced. Have speakers come in to the school.

What are your early impressions of Crookston School District Superintendent Jeremy Olson?
    I have met Jeremy Olson and I have seen him in a classroom. He is open to change… especially if it is positive for the students and the schools.

Could you list some favorite hobbies or other things you like to do in your spare time?
    I enjoy yard work, gardening… it is relaxing and therapeutic. I do a lot of drawing, crafts, making things with items that have been thrown. I love being around and doing things with by grandchildren! Children are so precious and they make us feel good about the littlest things. I love baking, making cookies and lefse with my granddaughters. I love to decorate and re-furbish in my home and others. Spending time with my family!
People like to toss the word “hero” around a lot, but could you list three people that you really admire, or look up to, and explain a little why you’ve picked these three?
    My father, John Grega, and my sister Jane. They both had such Big Hearts! They both were strong willed. they embraced what they had… each and every moment of every dog. Every dozy was truly a blessing and you thank the lord for that day. MY father always told me… “Be who you are, don’t change for anybody. Stand your ground for what you believe in and never change for anyone.” My sister had such courage… Strength to go on. Both my dad and sister were so loving… family was very important. I live by these same actions in my life.
    Kim Davidson- Her caring, loving way of teaching our children. Her students are her family. I have learned that you don’t need to have a lot to show and give love to there. you only need that “Big Heart” that is willing to go that extra mile.
    Jo Johnson- Her faith, her love, her giving to others through kindness. Reminding me to give my worries to my lord when I can’t take any more. Just to have an open heart and be there for people but also be there for myself.