"People can disagree, but that doesn't make the council dysfunctional. It's when a council member doesn't perform his/her duties as the council as a whole, is when communication and cooperation suffers. It's all about trust and not individual agendas."

First, could you provide a bit of background information, i.e. your age, family, career and educational background, etc.?

    I was born (1943) and raised in Walhalla, North Dakota.  Graduated from Walhalla High School and attended Mayville State University where I met my spouse Mary.  We have two sons David and Todd who were both raised in Crookston and graduated from Crookston Central High School.  

    I graduated from Mayville State University with majors in Physical Education, Elementary Education and minors in Biology and Psychology.  I attended Bemidji State University and received a Masters Degree in Counseling and Career Development.  I also did post graduate work at Moorhead State University, and the University of Minnesota.  

    I was employed by the Crookston School District as an elementary School Teacher, Middle School and High School Counselor until 1974 and Spent 2 years as the Director of Education at the Northwest Regional Correction Center.  In 1976 I begin employment at the University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) for the past 40 years. While at UMC I served as Director of Career Development and Counseling Services, as Head Baseball Coach, Director of Alumni Relations, Diversity Programs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Awareness Programs (ATOD), Disability Services, and Diversity Services.  I also was an instructor in the UMC Business Department.  

    I was chairperson of the all University of Minnesota Civil Service Committee that employs over 4,000 University members and also represented the University on trips to South Korea and China for building educational relationships and student exchanges.

Please list your three main reasons for deciding to run for the Ward 4 seat on the city council. Would you have run if Dennis Regan had decided to seek another term?

    • I have lived in ward 4 for a long time (50 years) and I would like to continue to give the people of ward 4 a voice on the city council about their needs, wants, and desires for this Historical part of the city.

    • I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of city council members over the past years, serving on many of Crookston’s strategic and planning committees.  I presently serve as the chairperson of the Park and Recreation committee and would like to continue as a member of the city council representing Ward 4.

    • My experience in Crookston over the past years has provided me with the knowledge of how the City functions which has prepared me for a more active role on the city council. I have observed the responsibilities of this position and I want to advance internal city development to the next level in a positive way. Yes, I would have run even if Dennis Regan (whom I respect and believe was an excellent council Member during his term) had decide to seek another term.

Please list, in order, what you see as Crookston three biggest assets, and explain your rationale.

    These are three important Assets that can continue to help Crookston to grow and move forward.

    • Our Health Care facilities. Riverview, Altru, Golden Link Senior Center, the Summit Assisted Living and Villa.

    • Parks and Recreation

    • University of Minnesota Crookston

Now, on the flip side, please list, in order, what you see as Crookston’s three biggest challenges, or shortcomings.

    • To Complete a Master Plan that can be agreed upon by the Council and City. We need to have a plan that    
Is workable for the future and inform the community of the city’s progress as we move forward.

    • Development of Downtown and our transportation system.  Needs to be part of the master plan

    • Attracting new businesses to Crookston.  Should be a continuous process and a plan developed on how to make this happen.

The word “dysfunctional” is being tossed around frequently this campaign season, as people describe the current makeup of the council and mayor and how they communicate and work together. To what level do you agree with that assessment, or disagree with it? Please explain.

    I hesitate to use the word dysfunctional. Members of the council, city administrator and Mayor come together
from different professional and business backgrounds and perspectives.  They all come with their own ideas, concerns and values. In spite of some of the behaviors of some individual council members a majority of the decisions that are made support our city.   However, if everyone knows what their role and duties are this will help in better communication processes and team effort by our city governance team.  I believe members of the council should support one another.  People can disagree, but that doesn’t make the council dysfunctional.  It’s when a council member doesn’t perform his/her duties as the council as a whole, is when communication and cooperation suffers. It’s all about trust and not individual agendas.  The City Council, Not individual members, must do their duties of supervising administrative officers, formulate policies, and exercise city powers.

Could you list some favorite hobbies or other things you like to do in your spare time?

    I like to ride bike, play racquetball, study spirituality, watch my grandchildren participate in their favorite sports of baseball, basketball and swimming.

People like to toss the word “hero” around a lot, but could you list three people that you really admire, or look up to, and explain a little why you’ve picked these three?

    • Dr. Stanley Sahlstrom-One of the nicest and most positive persons that I worked with while at UMC. He was one of my great mentors.

    • Mother Teresa- On September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa became Saint Teresa of Calcutta. The Church celebrated her profound legacy and declared with joy her sainthood before the world. Her tireless efforts on behalf of God’s most vulnerable children made her an example for millions worldwide devoted to the struggle for human life and dignity.

    Peace begins with a smile.    

    Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

    • Francis Cavalier, my mother, who took care of my two sistes and me. She taught us the difference between right and wrong and to work hard at whatever we chose to do.