Heggie checks out the staff and the trucks.

    Terri on the Town made a “pit” stop recently at Best Used Trucks to learn more about their business and how they contribute to the Crookston community, area, and nationwide.

    Bobby Baird, the shop manager, gave her the low-down on the business starting with when they first opened by the Highway 75 bypass in 2003. Ever since then, they have continuously been growing as a business and moved to a different and current location at 635 Marin Ave. on Highway 75 in Crookston.

    They are very busy all year round with September and October being their busiest times of the year during beet harvest. During their busiest times, they are open 24 hours a day to best meet the needs of their customers.

    Their customers can consist of on-the-road truckers from anywhere across the nation, Otter Tail truck maintenance, and locals.

    During this visit, Terri also got the pleasure to meet and speak with Jason Leas, the owner, and salesman Jake Leas, and Jim Helgeson, who additionally helps out wherever needed. Terri also met some shop maintenance workers, who have been with Best Used Trucks since the beginning.

    If you’re looking for service for your truck, Best Used Trucks has a total of 11 employees on their team that works their hardiest to best meet the needs of customers with all the time and effort they put into their service.

    Thank you to Best Used Trucks for having Terri assist you and learn more about your business.

    Call Best Used Trucks at (218) 281-6300 today.