Founding member says he considers Crookston and Fisher area to be his hometown

    On Monday October 15 Minnesotaʼs own Teddy Bear Band performs at Fisher School, kicking off a three day whirlwind tour of area towns.

    “TBB” is an award winning group of musicians who encourage children to participate in the shows.

    As noted on their schedule the band is playing six shows in three days. All performances are open to the public. Children are encouraged to “BYOTB” Bring Your Own Teddy Bear. Updated tour information will also be available on Friday morning, as TBB performer Ron Gustafson is a guest on KROX Radioʼs (1260 AM) Valley Talk program at 10:40 AM.

    Recently inducted into The Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, TBB has played over 9,000 shows in the span of 33 years. Now, on a fairly regular basis, parents of young children mention that they remember seeing the band when they were a child.

    The band has local connections too. Founding member Ron Gustafsonʼs wife Trudith (Wagner) graduated from Fisher High School. Ron has also driven truck during sugar beet harvest for Trudithʼs brothers, Tim and Joel Wagner.           

    Gustafson said, “I feel like the Crookston and Fisher areas are almost like a second hometown. Over the years TBB has played in Crookston a number of times, however on Monday it will our first show ever in Fisher. Everyoneʼs invited and we hope thereʼs a great turnout.”

    Teddy Bear Band got started way back in 1985 when Gustafson was teaching in Bloomington schools and met bass player Richard Erickson. The program was Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE). Erickson was attending some “Daddy and Me” classes with his young children. Gustafson asked Erickson and two other Dads to join together in an onstage performance of music for young children.         He named the group “Teddy Bear Band.” Kids were encouraged to bring a teddy bear to the show and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Gustafson notes, “My background and training is in Early Education. What worked well with young children back then continues to work well now.          

    Encouraging kids to participate with us through music and movement is the cornerstone of what we do. Itʼs all about having fun together. We hope to see area families at one of our upcoming shows!” For more information see the TBB web site,