Do you dare walk the trails at Agassiz Environmental Learning Center?

    As twilight approaches the wind moans through the trees and whispers a warning to all who dare enter the deep, dark woods.  The trail is littered with freshly fallen leaves that crunch under your feet . . . disguising the sounds of “the others” that are lurking along the trail.  As full darkness descends, the woods come to life with all sorts of hideous and frightening creatures prowling about.

    Every Saturday in October, Agassiz Environmental Learning Center in Fertile will be holding its annual Haunted Trail from dusk to midnight.  Take a terrifying trek over a half mile trail of twists, turns and terror, but don’t wander too far from the light as there are many creatures waiting to feast on the screams of those who dare walk the trail after dark.  Twisty, Butcher, and Baba Boogey will be back along with Binko, Bubbles, and Norman.  They’ve been waiting all year for visitors to return and meet all their new, twisted friends.  

    The Learning Center is located one half mile west of Fertile, Minnesota on Summit Avenue SW.  The cost for admission to the trail is $10 per person.  For more information visit our website at  If you have any questions, you may also contact Lisa at (218) 945-3136.