Monday's featured manufacturer is New Flyer of America

    Note to readers: This week is Minnesota Manufacturing Week, and the Crookston Chamber & Visitors Bureau and Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority are collaborating to shine a spotlight on Crookston manufacturers, with public tours and articles detailing the latest developments and innovations at those local manufacturers making up the “Crookston Salutes Manufacturers” promotion.

    Monday’s featured manufacturer is New Flyer of America, which has submitted the article that appears with this message. Manufacturers that will follow as the week progresses are American Crystal Sugar (tour from 9 to 10 a.m. Tuesday), DEE, Inc. (tour from 9 to 10 a.m. Wednesday), Eickhof Columbaria (tour from 9 to 10 a.m. Thursday) and SunOpta.

    Since Crookston manufacturers have almost a constant need for more skilled workers, organizers of this week’s tours are extending a special invitation to Crookston High School and U of M Crookston students, and human resources professionals will be made available during the tours to discuss job and career opportunities at their facilities.     – Mike Christopherson

New Flyer stays on the cutting edge
Submitted by New Flyer of America

    Did you know that Crookston is home to one of North America’s leading manufacturers? New Flyer is now the largest transit bus and motor coach manufacturer and parts distributor in North America, with fabrication, manufacturing, distribution and service centers in the United States and Canada, and employs more than 6,000 people across 31 facilities.

    New Flyer was founded in 1930, and expanded their initial operations from their plant in Winnipeg to a final assembly plant in Crookston in 1996. In 1999, the company again expanded, and a third plant was opened in St. Cloud, MN. The extra capacity was needed to take on major contracts signed in the late 1990s with Seattle and Los Angeles. Today, New Flyer operates as New Flyer of America Inc. and New Flyer Industries Canada ULC, subsidiaries of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI Group”). Together, NFI Group has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing zero-emission buses (ZEBs). New Flyer is North America’s heavy-duty transit bus leader, offering the most advanced clean diesel, natural gas, diesel-electric hybrid, trolley-electric, battery-electric and fuel cell-electric drive systems.

    Bus passengers around the country are seeking modern transportation options they can feel good about as traffic congestion, costs and air quality continue to saddle today’s growing cities. That is why New Flyer is engineering progressive transit technology that serves communities and makes cities smarter, while safeguarding our precious resources. New Flyer manufactures buses for some of the largest transit agencies and cities in the United States and Canada and is a leader in the production of hybrid and low-emission vehicles. In doing so, they are creating jobs, fortifying North America’s infrastructure and modernizing the industry and the world around us.

    Our highly-competitive world today demands that manufacturers apply modern technology to their production. New Flyer’s next-generation, battery-electric bus, the Xcelsior CHARGE™ boasts zero emissions, lower operating costs, and multiple charging systems. With no engine, transmission, intake or exhaust, customers can save up to $125,000 in maintenance costs and up to $400,000 in fuel costs over the 12-year life of the bus. The electrically-driven HVAC systems are proven to require much less maintenance than systems with conventional engine-driven compressors, and also mean fewer belts, fewer filters and less fluids, all of which are routine maintenance items on conventional buses. An added bonus is that with the absence of a traditional internal combustion engine and its related mechanical and exhaust noises, passengers can enjoy the significantly quieter ride provided by the nearly silent electric traction motor.

    Due to their third quarter ending and an extra busy order volume, New Flyer will not be able to have tours available at their facility during Manufacturing Week, but it is important that we recognize them as a very valuable company, supporting hundreds of jobs and related economic opportunities in Crookston.

    As a world-class manufacturer, New Flyer is always looking for talented individuals to join their team and help make a positive impact on communities by improving the safety and efficiency of public transportation. Current job openings range from maintenance to accounting, quality managers, buyers and welders and more. See for more information.