As I reported at a recent School Board Meeting, Crookston Public Schools is off to a strong start. I hope this trend continues as we progress into this academic year. We are continuously working as a staff to make Crookston Public Schools better for our kids and families. Here are a couple of things that I would like to highlight.

    Highland School was identified as a school that is performing above expectations in both reading and math in a recent article by the Star Tribune entitled “Beating the Odds.” We are incredibly proud of our staff and students for their work to achieve beyond expectations. Highland continues to showcase what can happen when leadership, passion, instruction, and parent support come together.

    Mike Geffre will be inducted into the Minnesota Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame in October. This is a great honor for Coach Geffre who has served our Crookston Public Schools as a Tennis Coach since 1986! We are incredibly proud of his accomplishment and wish him well as he receives this great honor. Congrats to Coach Geffre!

    Learning how to serve others is crucial to the building of our students character. I would advocate that above all things, our students should possess strong character. I am incredibly proud of the Crookston Football players and the CHS Leo Club for giving back to their community by demonstrating the character pillar of service by serving one of our community members. This is a demonstration of what it means to be Pirate Proud!

    As we look towards the horizon as a district, there are three major topics that I see before us this year: Pool Facility, Bus Garage Planning, and improving student achievement. The School Board has been proactively working on these items as we continue to map our next steps as a district. As many of you know, we are working with our partners at the city to determine our next steps with the pool as we all see this as a valuable resource to the community. We continue to look at our options for a bus garage and what our next steps will be as we begin this conversation. We are also working in conjunction with our administrators on how to better serve our kids and families. We know that academic achievement is paramount to why we exist as a school and therefore want to continue to improve our outcomes and support our students. In all of these topics, we want to be intentional and move with purpose so as to best serve our students.

    If you ever need to contact me, please feel free to call my cell 218-770-8717, email me at, or follow me on twitter @CrookstonSupt for updates on Crookston School. Thank you to our community for your support of Crookston Public Schools. We have great students, working with great staff, doing great things everyday. Pirate Pride!