Updates on enrollment, swimming pool talks, and more...

    We are now well into our second week of school here at Crookston Public Schools. The beginning of the school year always brings a level of excitement and newness as students return to the buildings. In Principal Oliver’s words this time of year is “heartwarming” as our staff meet our students and we begin to move forward together on our educational journey.

    Here are a couple of things that I would like to highlight as we begin this year:

    Our enrollment is at 1,124 students this year at the beginning of the year with some very strong numbers in our Preschool Program, which is encouraging as we look to the future. There is no doubt that we are a smaller school than we were five or even ten years ago; however, being smaller allows us to be more nimble as we move forward together.

    Crookston Public Schools has been in talks with the City of Crookston about the ownership of the pool which we both agree is a valuable community asset. We have been talking about which organization is best positioned to run the pool not only now but also in the future. I am very thankful to  Crookston’s representatives for the candid conversation and the ability to lay our cards on the table and talk about what is best for Crookston.

    Both the city and the school district want each other to succeed and want to be responsible stewards of our resources. Regardless of where this conversation goes, I am proud to live in a community with so many forward thinking individuals who truly want to make our community a better place for our families and residents.

    The Crookston School Board’s Long Range Planning Committee has been busy working on our next steps towards the possibility of a new Bus Garage for Crookston Public School. Our current Bus Garage is, without spending too much ink on the subject, inadequate both to our current needs and for the future needs of the district. We are looking at our options and next steps from a planning perspective.

    To say that I am proud of this district would be an understatement. We have things to work on as is true with any district in the state; however, we have so many positive things taking place in our schools. When I walk the halls of our various schools, I have been happy with what I am seeing. I am proud of the staff at Crookston Public Schools for their commitment to supporting our students and families. As we move into this school year, my hope is that we will move forward together. If you ever have any questions or thoughts about Crookston School District, please feel free to reach me at 218-770-8717 or email me at jeremyolson@isd593.org.

    I am proud of our school and of our community. We will do great things together. Pirate Pride!