In donating flag, pole, concrete and electricity, Kirk Luckow says he just wanted a way to say thanks.

   Moments before the 18 x 12 foot U.S. flag that he donated was raised up the new, 60-foot tall flag pole at 8 p.m. Wednesday, rural Crookston farmer Kirk Luckow was asked why he did it.

    Basically, Luckow said, he just wanted to say thanks...thanks to “hard-working Americans,” thanks to the “heroes” who have served in the military and continue to serve and thanks to farmers in the area.

    Luckow had his sons, Cohen and Zander, help Parks & Recreation Director Scott Riopelle raise the flag for the first time Wednesday, a breezy night that allowed the flag to unfurl and snap back and forth in impressive fashion.

    Once Luckow explained what he had in mind to Riopelle, work began on preparing the site, at the top of Landslide Park at the University Avenue and Sixth Street curve. A concrete path was installed, as well as a pad for the pole, which is anchored seven feet below ground. Electrical infrastructure was extended to the site to keep the flag lit at night.

    Riopelle says Luckow’s donation covered the cost of the flag, pole, concrete and lighting.

    “We are very grateful to Kirk and his family for making this project possible and something that our community can enjoy,” Riopelle tells the Times.