That's one below projection; district leaders hope for stability this school year.

    Although the big-picture, long-term goal continues to be stabilizing student enrollment and even growing it, earlier this summer, as members of the Crookston School Board and school district leaders sought to project enrollment for the 2018-19 school year, on which the fiscal year budget is based, they decided to take a conservative approach.

    So enrollment was projected at 1,125 ADMs (average daily membership). The thinking was that projecting a more cautious number early on would prevent or at least lessen the negative impact on the budget if the recent trend of enrollment dropping as the school year progresses continues this school year.

    With classes officially underway in all three local public schools on Thursday, Superintendent Jeremy Olson reports that opening-day K-12 enrollment was 1,124, one below the project.

    Business Manager Laura Lyczewski typically has a better grasp of fall enrollment in October, which she normally reports to the school board.