Evers would like to put a restaurant there, but is open to office suites or other options

    As developer Jeff Evers continues to clear hurdles on his way toward a seven-figure renovation of his Fournet Building in downtown Crookston, he has detailed on several occasions his plans to have Tri-Valley Opportunity Council as his primary tenant on a renovated second floor of the building.

    That’s “phase one” of his project. “Phase two” involves renovations for another tenant(s) that would, Evers hopes, occupy the third floor.

    But what about the first, store-level floor, where Four Seasons Clothing was located for many years before its owners retired a couple years ago? What is Evers envisioning for the high-profile main level?

    He’d like to see some type of restaurant there, he told the Times Friday. If that doesn’t pan out, he says he would more than likely divide the south portion into office/retail suites where he would carve out several rooms that would utilize a common hallway. On the east and south sides, Evers says he’s envisioning three for four smaller storefront spaces.

    “I know it will take some creative thoughts to resize it to today’s demand for affordable space for business,” he saids. “Expecting one business to take the large space of the old Four Seasons is very unlikely.”

    In the meantime, as the first phase would kick in and be followed by the second phase, Evers says much of the main floor would serve as a lobby area, “but there could still be a business towards the northeast and wrap around to the west.”

    The CHEDA Board of Directors this week approved the establishment of a 20-year Tax-Increment Financing Redevelopment District for Evers’ Fournet project, which he says is necessary to make it happen. The TIF district will next go to the Crookston City Council for consideration.