Service was compromised for just under four hours Thursday afternoon and evening

    Polk County Sheriff’s Office officials reported shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday that 911 service in the county had been fully restored after being compromised for almost four hours.

    The PCSO reported around 4 p.m. that they’d been notified by Verizon Wireless that two of their 911 trunks were down, one of which serves Polk County. At that point, 911 calls in Polk County were still going through but were being answered by the Polk County Dispatch administrative phone lines.

    At that point, the PCSO wanted members of the public who called 911 to know that their phone number and information regarding their location would not be coming into the dispatch center along with their call, so callers were advised to be ready to provide their phone number and location information to the dispatcher when making a 911 call.

    The announcement of the 911 trunk recovery went out at 7:52 p.m. Thursday.

    It’s the second time this month that 911 service has been compromised in this region and throughout Minnesota and parts of North Dakota. Century Link, Minnesota’s contracted 911 service provider, reported a massive outage on Aug. 1 that ended up lasting just over an hour.

    A Century Link investigation determined that outage was mostly caused by human error on the part of one of their vendors.