Polk County and Minnesota Department of Education are able to work things out

    After several weeks spent attempting to get answers or at least some clarification from Minnesota Department of Education and Polk County officials, Crookston School District Jeremy Olson tells the Times that he can now safely say that no parcels of land in or near Eldred are being transferred from the Crookston district to the Climax-Shelly School District.

    Allan Dragseth, who owns land near the area in question and said he drew the original property lines in 1968, reported at a recent Crookston School Board meeting that parcels were being moved from the Crookston district to the Climax-Shelly district.

    Olson said “there won’t be any change of hands in parcels between the districts in Polk County at this point.”

    Explaining what led to parcels potentially being relocated from the Crookston district to the Climax-Shelly district, Olson said the MDE maps that draw district boundaries are not as 100 percent accurate and detailed as Polk County parcel maps drawn for tax purposes.

    “The MDE maps are more designed to give districts a general idea of their boundaries, not tax purposes,” Olson said. “Once we established that understanding, that the (MDE) maps are not the best use for tax parcel purposes, then Polk County made the decision that no parcels were going (to change districts).” Polk County subsequently sent letters to the affected property owners indicating that the parcels in question, as far as which school district they’re located in, would be “going back to the way they were before.”

    Olson said it was sort of a situation of “much ado about nothing,” but he was glad Dragseth brought it up so he could look into the matter and, eventually, get some positive answers.

    “It was good we were able to get Polk County and MDE together to get this worked out,” Olson said. “Polk County did a tremendous job working through this with us. Everyone really stepped up to the plate.”