Tyler Erdmann accused of choking Morgan Terpstra until he was unconscious at Crooks Club

    A Crookston man is facing a felony assault charge after he reportedly choked a man unconscious Saturday night at Crooks Club. Tyler Scott Irwin Erdmann, 36, faces five years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both, if convicted.

    According to the court complaint, at approximately 2:05 a.m. on August 19, the Crookston Police Department was dispatched to Crooks Club on a report of a man who had been choked unconscious. Upon arrival, officers located a male, identified as Morgan Terpstra, (in a separate Crookston Police Department media release) laying on the floor near the bathroom with a small pool of blood under his head. A responding officer observed that a volunteer fireman was attending to Terpstra, who was conscious, but could not remember what happened.

    A CPD officer spoke to another male, later identified as C.L, who stated that he knew who did it and that the person’s name was “Tyler.” C.L. then brought the officer to a man who was identified as Tyler Scott Irwin Erdmann who was standing near the alley by Crooks Club.

    Erdmann stated that he has known Terpstra for a long time and considers Terpstra as a friend. He told the officer that he had heard from people that Terpstra had dragged his girlfriend out of the bar by her hair and other women across the parking lot by their hair. Erdmann said he didn’t know if it was true, but that he confronted Terpstra about it in the bar. Erdmann said that Terpstra called him a “little b****”, told him to get away and said, “f*** you” multiple times, read the complaint.

    Erdmann told the officer that he got upset and grabbed Terpstra by the throat, pushed Terpstra against the wall, and that he thought Terpstra “faded out” and went limp. Erdmann said he released his grip on Terpstra and Terpstra went to the floor, but didn’t think he restricted Terpstra’s breathing. He noted that Terpstra never got physical with him and that Terpstra did not assault him.

    Another CPD officer spoke with a male, identified as M.M., who stated that he was inside Crooks Club when he observed Erdmann choking Terpstra and that Terpstra went unconscious. M.M. said it looked like Erdmann also punched Terpstra He told the officer that Terpstra fell to the ground and that Terpstra was bleeding from the head, and that Erdmann was the aggressor.

    The officer spoke to another male, identified as F.L., who reiterated M.M.’s story as did another witness identified as A.R.

    After officers talked with a number of witnesses, they placed Erdmann under arrest.

    On the evening of August 19, a CPD officer spoke to Terpstra who stated that he received four staples in the back of his head to close the wound caused by the assault at Crooks Club.