Recently deceased man had at one time provided blasting services for area farmers

    Explosives found Monday on the property of a Polk County resident who passed away in July, and when he was alive provided blasting services to farmers in the area, were seized by members of the Grand Forks Regional Bomb Squad for safe disposal.

    The Polk County Sheriff’s Office reports that it was notified late Monday morning, Aug. 6 of possible explosives being found at Marvin Sorgaard’s residence in Lengby. Sorgaard passed away in early July and family members were cleaning the property when they came across several small items of explosive ordnance. All of the items were legally obtained by Sorgaard, the PCSO notes, in connection with his blasting work with area farmers. Most of the explosives seemed to be fairly old.

    The Grand Forks Regional Bomb Squad was called to assist. They responded to the property and took the explosives to be disposed of safely.

    No injuries were reported.

    The Fosston Fire Department also responded to the scene.