Olson’s request for speedy trial granted after July 26 arrest

    A Crookston woman received a speedy trial and was sentenced to 15 months in the Shakopee Correctional Facility after local police found she was under the influence of multiple unprescribed drugs.

    Kayla Joann Olson, 28, was convicted of a fifth-degree felony controlled substance crime and fourth-degree driving while impaired in August 2017, and was sentenced concurrently with those charges.

    According to the complaint, on July 26, a Tri-County Community Corrections probation agent requested the Crookston Police Department’s assistance with conducting a probation check on Kayla Joann Olson. The agent informed a CPD officer that she had information that Olson was currently under the influence of a controlled substance.

    The agent and officer went to Olson’s residence in Crookston and, upon arrival, the officer observed there were multiple females arguing in the apartment about a missing cell phone. The officer noted that Olson was present and stated it was her phone they were looking for.

    The probation agent spoke with Olson and the officer conducted a search of Olson’s bedroom where they found an empty bottle of Tramadol that had just been prescribed two days prior. Olson told the officer and agent she had got a second prescription for Tramadol the next day and that she combined the bottles though she could not furnish the second bottle. The agent requested that the officer place Olson under arrest on an Apprehension and Detention Order, said the complaint.

    Olson asked the CPD officer if she could smoke a cigarette prior to going to jail to which the officer obliged. While outside, Olson’s mother and family friend went outside with them. When the officer told Olson it was time to go, he found she was emptying her pockets looking for money. Inside a handful of change, the officer observed four different pills mixed in. When asked about the pills, Olson stated she did not have a prescription for them and that she found them on the ground.

    The officer inspected the pills seized from Olson and noted one was brown and orange with a “G454” imprint later identified as a 20 milligram Amphetamine & Dextroamphetamine Extended Release pill (Schedule 2), one was a brown capsule with imprint “M. Amphet Salts 20 mg” later identified as a 20 milligram Amphetamine & Dextroamphetamine Extended Release pill (Schedule 2), the third pill was a pink oval identified as Simvastatin (non-controlled, legend drug); and the final pill was a round white pill later identified as a 50 milligram Quetiapine Fumarate pill (non-controlled, legend drug.)

    Olson was transported to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center and, during her interview and after being read her Miranda warning, she stated there would be THC, valium, Tramadol, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone in her system and that she was not currently prescribed Oxycodone or Hydrocodone. She told the officer that she took two hydrocodone about two weeks ago at her mother’s house, she took 8 or 10 oxycodone a couple days ago, she took half a hydrocodone pill a couple days ago, and she split a hydrocodone pill with a friend she will not name. Olson said the pills from her pocket she found on Summit Avenue, that she didn’t know what they were, and that she had not consumed any of them.