They’re not eager to pay $5,000 for a new table

    The Crookston City Council Ways & Means committee have been meeting in the Council Chambers at City Hall for months and are now discussing additions to “better facilitate” the environment. All council members seemed to agree they need projectors and screens in the room to have a better view of presentations, but it was the boardroom table costs that made them turn their heads.

    City Administrator Shannon Stassen told the committee last week that a new boardroom table could cost a couple thousand or up to $5,000, and that it would create a “different dynamic” in the room. He added that a table where they could go out front to discuss topics, and projection screens on each end of the room would give a good view to the audience and the council members themselves.

    Ward 1 council member Jake Fee said he didn’t mind projectors and a boardroom table, but couldn’t see spending $5,000 on a table.

    “I dont’ know if it’s worth the cost,” Fee stated.

    “Eighty to ninety percent of the time we make due with what we got,” added Mayor Wayne Melbye, pointing towards their current setup of two tables pushed together in front of their chambers.

    Fee made a motion to buy a projection system, but Melbye said they should put a dollar amount on it so they agreed to bring it back to the next Ways & Means committee meeting so they could research the cost.