When it comes to tradition at the University of Minnesota Crookston, Ag Arama is one of the most longstanding.

    When it comes to tradition at the University of Minnesota Crookston, Ag Arama is one of the most longstanding. For more than 40 years, students have had an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills in contests related to agriculture and natural resources. Overseeing this multifaceted event in 2018 was Logan Milligan, the Ag Arama president.

    The senior from New York Mills, Minn., is an agricultural business major. He decided to attend the U of M Crookston after participating in Ag Activities Day and the FFA contests held on campus when he was a high school student. During one of his trips to campus, he enjoyed a visit with Lecturer Margot Rudstrom, his future advisor, although he didn’t know it at the time.

    Growing up on a farm, he has been showing livestock since he joined 4-H in his early teens. To say he loved it is something of an understatement for Milligan. If he misses anything about growing up on the farm, it is the daily work with animals and the opportunity to show.

    “Showing livestock is based in family, we worked on our showmanship projects together,” Milligan says. “It also teaches you sportsmanship and you learn to accept the results even when they are less than you had hoped.”

    In the future, Milligan hopes to work in sales, but enjoyed Rudstrom’s grain and livestock class where students have an exercise using grain trading, balance sheets, market investments, and more. The class has him considering grain trading as a possible career. “I really enjoyed that class and even looked forward to the homework,” he smiles.

    As a sophomore Milligan was president of Collegiate FFA and this spring traveled to Nebraska, to compete in livestock management and computer applications contests during North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture judging conference in late April.

    His internship with Leaf River Ag Service based in Wadena, Minn., this summer will give him valuable experience.  Never one to be idle, Milligan has been a student worker at the information desk, served as an AmericaReads tutor, and spring semester worked in the agriculture department doing chores.

    Perhaps the one thing Milligan is certain about is his desire to go back to the area where he grew up to work. He wants to go back to the lakes, back to the animals, and back to a life dedicated to agriculture.