Dietz bought house at 409 Houston for $2,000; sale for $85,000 is on track to close in late August

    Mark Dietz’s fledgling Crookston LLC corporation, “Humanity Earth,” which was born in November 2016 when he purchased the seriously dilapidated and uninhabitable house at 409 Houston Avenue for $2,000 at a Polk County auction and embarked on a major gutting and renovation project, has reached a significant milestone: The reborn house has been sold, for $85,000.

    The selling of the house helps Dietz’s initial vision come further into focus, since the idea was to use proceeds from the sale of the initial house as seed money for the purchase and renovation of a second house, and so on, and so on.

    The sale of the house to Ashley Elwood is expected to close around the third week of August, Dietz explains in a letter to various stakeholders and others in the community who could potentially assist him in achieving Humanity Earth’s mission.

    Not surprisingly, the renovation project took longer and got to be a bit much for Dietz, a maintenance worker with Polk County. His goal is to get the new utilities installed this month, followed by drywall work in early August. In his letter, he reaches out to local HVAC businesses, electricians and lumber yards in the hope that they can help him out. Dietz says he has spoken to all of them personally as well seeking any support they might be willing to provide.

    “I look forward to working with all of you, and to realize the goal of improving the lives of the new owner, the neighborhood in which this home resides, the citizens of Crookston, and all those involved in the project,” Dietz writes in his letter. “This is project one of many exciting, life-changing projects to come.”

    Dietz says Humanity Earth’s multi-faceted mission is to:

    • Provide a resource through affordable, quality housing for young couples, with the hope they will settle in Crookston, adding to the stability of the community, and neighborhood

    • Provide a resource for those who are having difficulties in their lives, working with city, county, and state, social, and political programs.

     • Reclaim substandard housing in Crookston and Polk County and return it to a quality, livable condition.

     • Work with local contractors, building officials, financial organizations, and community, and county leaders, creating a community coalition; working together to help the citizens of Crookston and Polk County obtain a higher quality of life.

     • Work with local business, with the goal of preserving and growing the local business trade through innovative thinking, helping local business secure a sustainable position into the future and to create an attractable platform for new business ventures to thrive.

    For those who’d like to learn more or potentially help out, Dietz can be reached at 289-1410 or Humanity Earth’s mailing address is PO Box 671, Crookston, MN 56716.